Ymir – OpenGL Rendering Engine


Ymir is a OpenGL rendering engine I have been working on for the past two years. It is designed with a simple generalized interface between game code and the renderer to allow it to be used for several different kinds of games. It is written entirely in c++.



  • Deferred shading and multi-pass light pipelines.
  • Multi threaded rendering.
  • Fully HDR rendering pipeline.


  • Dynamic LOD with view distances up to 10000 meters.
  • Sparse virtual texturing for textures and normal maps.
  • Forests and foliage with over 30000 simultaneous trees.


  • Diffuse, Normal, specular and emission maps.
  • Simple markup for textures and attributes.

Post processing

  • Dynamic post processing pipeline.
  • HDR tonemapping with color correction in CIELAB color space.
  • Dynamic depth of field.
  • Anamorphic lens flares.

Blog Posts

October 5, 2012


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