Other/ Old

SciFi/ Reality Infograph – 2011


Done as a course project. Depicts the temporal relation between interaction technology in films and reality. Was done in a group of two students.

Aces High – 2010

“Aces High” is a combat flight simulator set in a parallel universe during the First World War. It was developed in a group of three students as a class project.

Space Game – 2009

“Space Game” was developed for a class project with another student. Destroying other ships give points and more enemy ships spawn as time progresses. It was developed with “Newtonian” physics allowing for some tricks such as flying backwards.

DiGuitar – 2007-2009

“DiGuitar” is a guitar effect processor. It was originally developed as a school project and development continued for a couple of years but it was abandoned due to feature creep and lack of inspiration.

Blaster – 2007

Blaster is a multiplayer 2D shooter designed for fast paced action and deadly combat.

“Blaster” is a multiplayer 2D shooter. It was a project for a class on game development. We were three people working on the project with me in charge of programming.


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