Need for Speed – 2015


Worked as a rendering engineer on the engine team. Developed and prototyped a new node based workflow for authoring particle effects.

Need for Speed: Rivals – 2013


Worked as a software engineer with the VFX team to develop new workflows and techniques in direct collaboration with the artists.

Ymir, OpenGL renderer – 2012

Ymir is a OpenGL renderer designed with a simple general interface to be used by different kinds of games.

Control, A game concept – 2012

Control is a team management game set in the world of Cold War espionage where players work for control of the intelligence community. The concept was developed as part of a course on game design.

Control – design document

A rendering method for simulated emission nebulae – 2011

A rendering method for simulated emission nebulae

“A rendering method for simulated emission nebulae” is the title of my bachelor thesis. For the thesis I developed a program to perform realtime rendering of emission nebulae. The program was written to utilize OpenCL to allow for realtime ray casting in the nebulae.

Later I improved the rendering quality of the nebulae by using a multi step rendering process which was no longer realtime.

October 7, 2012